Who I Am

I have moved around a lot in my life, but have always considered Guam to be my home.  After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School, I went to Seattle where I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Literature at the University of Washington.  I received my law degree at Boston University.

My first job was as a chicken technician at the Dededo Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Since then, I have been a science teacher, network administrator at a low-income elementary school, technology assistant, social worker and lawyer.

During law school, I continued my commitment to public service.  I worked at the Honolulu public defender’s office and followed this with a year in a “legal clinic” at an organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income people in Boston.

I returned to Guam after graduating from Boston University and began my legal career as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Guam. Since then, I have gained over 10 years of experience handling all kinds of litigation including divorces, custody disputes, civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.  I also have experience with guardianships, probates, drafting simple wills, and estate planning.


  • Guam
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands


  • Boston University, J.D.
  • University of Washington, B.A. with Distinction

Published Decisions:


In re Estate of Estaban, 2014 Guam 30

In re Estate of Aguon, 2013 Guam 4


People v. Camacho, 2013 Guam 3

People v. Cummins, 2010 Guam 19

People v. Gargarita, 2015 Guam 28

People v. Mendiola, 2014 Guam 17

People v. Roten, 2012 Guam 03

People v. Taitano, 2015 Guam 33

People v. Tedtaotao, 2015 Guam 31

People v. Tuncap, 2011 Guam 24

People v. Tuncap, 2014 Guam 1

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