Why Choose Me

I am committed to client service.  I provide efficient and effective representation.  I also offer predictable fees when appropriate.

Commitment to Clients

To many clients, the legal system can be unfamiliar and intimidating.  I will represent your interests, but I will also make sure you understand what is happening at every step of your case.  Clients make decisions, not lawyers.  One of my most important jobs is making sure that every decision you make is an informed one.

Clients often have questions about their case throughout my representation.  I set up a schedule with each client that allows me to personally return calls quickly, and to respond to e-mails the same day I receive them.

I also run a largely paperless office.  This allows me to get information to clients quickly about any updates in their cases.

Predictable & Affordable Fees

“How much will this cost me,” is a question that most people ask themselves when looking for a lawyer.  Many lawyers charge their clients strictly by the hour.  Clients pay for every phone call, every e-mail, and every minute their attorney spends waiting in court.

There are some cases where my clients will pay for my services by the hour.  I believe in charging clients for the services that they need rather than how much time I spend on their case.  I believe in representation that is effective and efficient, which benefits both me and my clients.

I offer flat fees to clients when it’s appropriate.  This allows me to tell clients how much their case or certain portions of their case will cost to handle up front, without them having to worry about racking up a charge every time they contact me with a question.

I also offer unbundled legal services.  “Unbundled legal services” are for clients who just need help preparing a document, or want a lawyer to help them with a specific task or tasks.

Every client and case is different, so I do not have a pre-determined set of fees.  Unbundled legal services are also only right for people in certain cases.  I offer a courtesy consultation to learn more about how I can help you, to see what services would be the right fit for your case, and to give a quote on how much my services will cost.

You can set up a courtesy consultation by using the form to the left, by e-mailing me at leevin@guahanlaw.com, or by calling (671) 777-3675.