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I will help you figure out if you are paying too much or not receiving enough in child support under Guam law.  I will also represent you in a child support matter to make sure that the child support amounts and child support arrears ordered by the court are fair and accurate.   I offer a flat fee option and unbundled legal services so that I can give affordable help to clients in child support cases.

Under Guam law, the amount of child support you pay or receive depends on several factors.  The biggest factor is the kind of custody you have.  When one parent has custody over their child/ren 220 days or more out of the year, the court will use a sole custody calculation to figure out how much child support should be paid.  When custody is “shared” between two parents, the court will use what is known as a shared physical care calculation.  The child support amount that each parent would be responsible for under a shared physical custody calculation is usually a lot less than a sole custody calculation.

Other factors the court considers when calculating child support include things like whether your child/ren are older than 12 years old, day care, extracurricular activities and private school tuition.  The court will take all of these factors into consideration when figuring out a child support amount.

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