Divorce Attorney | Guam

The decision to get divorced is one that creates huge changes to the lives of all people involved.  I will make sure you fully understand all the decisions that need to be made regarding your home and property.  I will also help you with the challenging decision of child custody and support.

I handle both uncontested divorces and contested divorces.

An “uncontested divorce” is where both parties have agreed on all issues such as the division of property, debts, child custody and child support.  As part of my representation, I will assist you in drafting a settlement agreement that accurately reflects the terms you have agreed to.

A “contested divorce” is where the parties cannot agree on the decision to get a divorce, or on an issue such as child custody.  A contested divorce typically begins when one party files a Complaint for divorce.  There are several unique issues that come up in cases where the parties have children, such as temporary custody orders and temporary child support.  I will guide you through every step of the divorce process making sure you understand how the decisions you make will impact your family.  A settlement worked out between parties usually addresses your needs better than the decision of a stranger, i.e. a judge.  I will fight hard to make sure that your interests are protected at every stage of your divorce, including trial.

Every divorce is different, but some issues that affect your case are:

  • Do you have children?
  • How long have you been married?
  • Why are you or your spouse asking for a divorce?
  • Do you have a lot of assets and or debts?

If you are considering filing for divorce or have been served with divorce documents, contact me for a courtesy consultation at 777-3675 or via e-mail at leevin@guahanlaw.com.


Guam’s divorce law (Guam Compiler of Laws)